Leveraging Direct Hire Authority (DHA) - PREMIUM
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Talent management remains on the GAO list of ‘high risk’ factors for federal agencies. DHA is a competitive tool to be used by any federal agency (when approved by OPM) to improve talent recruitment. Learn how federal agencies can use Direct Hire Authority (DHA)to streamline the hiring process and better compete with the private sector. Learn how DHA can reduce the time to hire and improve the quality of hires, while remaining compliant with the Office of Personnel Management’s appointing authority requirements. This course provides federal HR practitioners with the knowledge to streamline hiring processes using Direct Hire Authority.

Learning Outcomes

Once complete, you will be able to:

  • Define direct hire authority, or DHA
  • Identify the kinds of positions most appropriate for DHA
  • Explain the benefits of DHA and dispel myths about DHA
  • Create a compelling request to OPM for DHA approval
  • Use DHA with confidence once your agency is approved to use it

Who Should Attend?

HR practitioners (SR HR Specialists, HR Specialists and HR Assistants), supervisors, managers, and Administrative Officers

About the Instructor

David Bachrach is a management consultant to federal and quasi-federal employers on a range of HR issues. Core principles include that the federal government can compete for talent in the labor market, and that strong management skills are more effective than higher salary in retaining high performers. Experienced with classification and delegated examining staffing.

David has been a federal employee two times and will likely return to federal employment again. Now he can be reached at bachrach.us

  • Fully Leveraging Direct Hire Authority

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