Intermediate Classification - PREMIUM
Language: English

Further develop basic classification skills when evaluating and classifying Federal GS and FWS positions using OPM references and standards. Learn how to apply the classification framework to classify more complex jobs, providing a well-documented narrative. Learn the relationship between position management and position classification. Learn how to select and apply the applicable position classification standards to a variety of different types of positions.

Learning Outcomes

In this class, you will be able to:

  • Differentiate between Supervisory and Team Leader positions
  • Prepare for a Desk Audit
  • Prepare a written Evaluation Statement
  • Classify nonsupervisory FWS positions using job-grading standards
  • Apply the Legal Structure of Classification Systems
  • Apply processes to classify jobs using the Factor Evaluation System
  • Apply the rules for classifying mixed grade/series and interdisciplinary positions

Who Should Attend?

HR practitioners (SR HR Specialists, HR Specialists and HR Assistants), supervisors, managers, and Administrative Officers

About the Instructor

David Bachrach is a management consultant to federal and quasi-federal employers on a range of HR issues. Core principles include that the federal government can compete for talent in the labor market, and that strong management skills are more effective than higher salary in retaining high performers. Experienced with classification and delegated examining staffing.

David has been a federal employee two times and will likely return to federal employment again. Now he can be reached at

  • Lesson 01: Applied Pay Grades
  • Lesson 02: Evaluation Statements
  • Lesson 03: Cover Sheets
  • Lesson 04: Position Description Coding
  • Lesson 05: Promotion Potential
  • Lesson 06: Career Ladders and Statements of Difference

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