Diversity & Inclusion Package: Unconscious Bias and Diversity of Thought
PLUS - Bi-Monthly Diversity & Inclusion Webinar Series

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Course Offerings Included in Diversity and Inclusion Package (Self-Paced e-Learning PLUS - Bi-Monthly Diversity & Inclusion Webinar Series)

Setting the Stage for Diversity and Inclusion

Start your Diversity and Inclusion journey with a comprehensive breakdown of the upcoming courses. This introduction helps prepare the learner for the upcoming courses while helping identify points of focus.

Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias covers the basic concepts of unconscious bias and promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The course provides eye-opening opportunities to shift perspectives and experience the world in a way that challenges us to examine how we think about the people around us.

Definitions and Basic Concepts - users navigate a scenario where they encounter two different individuals in a familiar setting. Through these engaging interactions, definitions are put into context and users are gently reminded of the need to recognize, understand, and deal with their own possible biases.

Bias in the Workplace - users assume the role of a fictional character, Brad Nelson. Brad is a new employee, and he’s experiencing an office culture that is quite different from any he’s ever known. Through a series of decision points, Brad must deal with his boss, co-workers, and direct reports in situations that offer nuanced insights into possible unconscious biases and their possible effects in a diverse workplace.

Unconscious Bias Exercise - users are put in a completely different workplace and asks them to make quick judgments based on little information. In a quick-hitting exercise, a variety of viewpoints from a diverse group of people becomes a tool to examine how first impressions, biases, and stereotypes may influence attitudes and decision-making.

Diversity of Thought

Diversity is shown to be linked to innovation and high performance - but it’s not automatically the case that diverse teams will be more innovative. To achieve this result, we must understand how diversity of thought takes teams from good to great, and how to unleash the value of diversity of thinking in every team.

In this interactive, game-based course you will learn how diversity of thought works, and more importantly, what behaviors are needed to turn diversity into an engine of innovation.

Learning Topics:

  • How diversity of thought makes teams more innovative
  • Why constructive conflict is good for team performance
  • How you can leverage diversity of thought in your team effectively

Self-Paced Training – PLUS - Bi-Monthly Diversity & Inclusion Webinar Series (once every 2 months)

A D&I Webinar series (delivered via Zoom or Teams) to inspire employees and teams through authentic conversations on diversity & inclusion issues in the workplace and at home. To promote discussion, groups should not exceed 50. Sessions to be facilitated by instructor intended to share topical information and generate group discussion on D&I issues. Facilitator will leverage content from self-paced training as foundational information for live webinars. Webinar series topics may include:

  • Creating Awareness around Unconscious Bias
  • Recognizing and addressing Microaggressions
  • Differences between Diversity and Inclusion

Additional webinar series topics to be added on bi-monthly basis.

Self-Paced Training Plus Live Webinar:

Diversity & Inclusion Up to 50 participants Up to 100 participants Up to 500 participants Up to 1000 participants
eLearning classes: Unconscious Bias and Diversity of Thought

Self-paced training available 24/7 over 60 day period for employees.

Participation in available D&I Webinar series presented on bi-monthly basis
Total Cost Starting at $11,000 Starting at $22,000 Starting at $114,000 Starting at $219,000

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