1 Hour Position Descriptions
Language: English

Join our Dave Bachrach as we guide you through the process of completing a Job Description in 1 hour. Your time is valuable, and this course will help you utilize that time in the best way possible by completing this required position description in the most efficient manner possible. Learn what’s required to complete each position description. Learn the best practices used to help avoid any setbacks through the drafting process. Learn each step using detailed and fully developed templates that make each step of the process much, much more efficient.

Learning Outcomes:

In this class, you will be able to:

  • Draft a full position description in an hour or less

Who Should Attend?

Hiring managers, HR liaisons, administrative officers, admin support staff, HR practitioners (SR HR Specialists, HR Specialists and HR Assistants)

About the Instructor

David Bachrach is a management consultant to federal and quasi-federal employers on a range of HR issues. Core principles include that the federal government can compete for talent in the labor market, and that HR can always improve the way that it supports agency operations, experienced with classification, delegated examining, HR policy, RIF preparation and so much more.

David has been a federal employee two times and will likely return to federal employment again. Now he can be reached at

  • Introduction
  • Instructor Introduction and Overview
  • Course Overview
  • Required Documents
  • Section-1 Series, Title, and Grade
  • Section -2 Introduction or Summary
  • Section-3 Notable Requirements for the Position
  • Section-4 Major Duties
  • Section-5 Factor Description
  • Bonus Documents
  • Bonus 1- Cover Sheet
  • Bonus 2- Organizational Chart
  • Bonus 3- Job Analysis
  • Bonus 4- Cyber Codes
  • Bonus 5- Sensitivity Determination
  • Shared Effort
  • Statement of Difference
  • Knowledge Check
  • Closing Statement and Invitation

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